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How to use mangosteen fruit powder capsules

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. Which part of the plant is referred to as the pericarp?

    The pericarp is a three-layered fruit wall. It is divided into exocarp (outer layer), mesocarp (middle layer) and endocarp (inner layer). Mangosteen has a fleshy pericarp.

  • 2.What is the meaning of the term “freeze-dried”?

    Also known as lyophilisation, freeze-drying is a method of drying food in a frozen state, under a high vacuum. Freeze-dried products retain 97% of the nutritional value.

  • 3. Who should avoid taking mangosteen supplements?

    People with bleeding disorders must not consume mangosteen powder, as it might slow down blood clotting. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should also refrain from consuming them.

  • 4. Does mangosteen increase blood pressure?

    No. In fact, it regulates the triglyceride levels, normalising the heart rate and bringing the blood pressure to its normal range..

  • 5. What are some conditions that can be managed using mangosteen?

    Skin infections, diarrhoea, gum disease, obesity, muscle pain, menstrual disorders and urinary tract infections are some health conditions that can be controlled by consuming mangosteen.

  • 6. What are some conditions that can be managed using mangosteen?

    Being rich in fibre and xanthone, mangosteen effectively brings down blood sugar levels by stimulating insulin secretion.