Why Choose Freeze-Dried


What Is Freeze-Dried?

We could explain it, but we think you'll find all the info you need right here.


Why Freeze-Dried?

Most foods are picked, packed, transported then shelved; the longer the process, the higher the degree of decay in the food. 

Now, we are by no means insinuating that you stop eating fresh fruits and vegetables, this should be your highest priority when it comes to healthy eating. But how many times have you bought "fresh" fruits and vegetables from the store, only to find it's all gone off by the next day? The colour changes, taste becomes bland or bitter, and you're once again left wondering why you even waste money on it. 

Living in larger cities can make it hard to find a good source of fresh fruits and vegetables, logistical issues are common and lockdowns are sadly becoming all too familiar. 

So what options does that leave you with?

Canned - Great for storage, but that metallic taste it develops is terrible. And good luck finding a canned alternative that doesn't contain large amounts of additives.

Dehydrated - Also great for storage, but subjected to high heat for prolonged periods of time effectively destroying a lot of the nutritional content. Leaves a lot of moisture in the food so preservatives are added.

Sun-dried - Destroys the most nutritional content out of all the drying methods. Certain minerals are sensitive to sunlight exposure, vitamin A and C in particular. 

Frozen - Retains a good amount of nutritional content when snap frozen, but has to be kept frozen which is no good for busy individuals on the go. 

Freeze-dried - The reigning champ. Removes up to 98% of the water content which ensures there's no need for any additives or preservatives. Studies have shown that freeze-drying retains far more nutritional content than any other drying method, even preserving 100% of the vitamin C content in fruits tested. Don't believe us? See here.

Good health is paramount, but you aren't going to achieve it without a regular intake of nutritional foods.

Don't waste your time or money on useless alternatives, always remember: if it's not fresh or freeze-dried, don't touch it.